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Ed Remedies That Really Work

  • Ed Remedies That Really Work

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    Ed Remedies That Really Work

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    June 17, 2016 4:17pm Feeling under the weather?
    From an irritated tummy to sinus headaches and even stress, naturopath Victoria O Sullivan shares advice on how to treat these and more common ailments naturally.
    Remember if any medical condition is persistent, a visit to your GP is recommended.
    Bloated Tummy A lot of bloating is actually caused by not chewing your food properly, says O Sullivan.
    If this is the case taking some digestive enzymes like the probiotics can definitely help.
    She also recommends monitoring your bowel movements to ensure you re regular as constipation can also be the cuprit.
    Cough As winter drags on, many of us are struggling with coughs and colds.
    Garlic is excellent for a congested, mucousy cough and it has natural antibiotic properties.

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    Licorice is also an excellent herb taken in a liquid preparation as it is a natural expectorant.
    If you have a dry cough, O Sullivan recommends taking pleurisy root or marshmallow (the herb not the sweet treat) which can help soothe an inflamed airway.
    Headaches The number one cause of headaches is dehydration, says O Sullivan.
    To maintain hydration, the recommendation is 33ml of water per kg of body weight per day.
    Another common cause of headaches can be a magnesium deficiency so make sure your diet has plenty of leafy greens, says O Sullivan.
    If you re experiencing neck tension too, this could be the cause of your headaches so see a chiropractor or physiotherapist.
    Hormonal flushes are best treated naturally with a combination of herbs, says O Sullivan.
    Some common ones that work are black cohosh, red clover and a traditional chinese herb called zizythus, she says.
    It s also a good idea to keep track of your flushes and see if you can identify a trigger.

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